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Weight Loss Program in Gilbert, AZ

Our Caring & Experienced Staff Will Guide You Through the Four Phases of Our Obesity Treatment Program. Please Call at (480) 582-9183 to Book a Consultation.

(1) Screening Phase:
The Screening Phase consists of various medical, laboratory and psychological tests to ensure that you are both medically and psychologically able to participate in the Obesity Treatment Program.

(2) Reducing Phase:
During this time of rapid weight loss you will use scientifically designed meal replacement
products as your major food intake. These products are nutritionally designed to provide your body with nutrients
needed for safe effective weight loss. It is important to take only these products provided by during the weight
loss phase or your nutritional needs and health could be compromised.

(3) Adapting Phase:
You will gradually begin to add grocery foods to your daily diet and reduce the number of meal
replacement products. The calories you consume will be adjusted so that you stop losing but continue to manage
your weight.

(4) Maintenance Phase:
While in our Maintenance Phase you will eat grocery foods and practice your new lifestyle
and weight management skills under the guidance of our medical staff. You’ll continue to work with the staff to
adjust your calories and meal plans so you can maintain your new body weight and meet your nutritional needs.
During maintenance, many patients find it helpful to continue to use 1 or 2 products daily. Remember—a combination
of regular activity, sensible eating and ongoing support from our staff can help you maintain your weight loss.

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