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Do you have saggy skin in your face, neck, under arms, abdominal area?

We can help with our state of the art Fotona tight sculpting with dual wave length laser technology!

The Fotona TightSculpting laser system offers exceptional fat reduction and skin tightening benefits with one convenient treatment option that requires zero downtime. Treatment protocols are determined on an individual basis, and the experienced professionals at Excel Primary Care are happy to answer all of your questions and then design a personalized plan that helps target your unique needs and concerns. The dual-wavelength laser technology provided by Fotona’s TightSculpting system provides targeted thermal effects that can penetrate deeply to reduce fat, stimulate the production of collagen, and deliver exceptional results without damaging the surface skin. Most patients describe a gradual warming sensation with brief flashes of more intense heat during their sessions. Your TightSculpting session requires no recovery time or special preparation or after-care.

This FDA-approved treatment therapy gives a natural look to the treated areas of the skin and boost yourself image.

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