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Exercise and V02 Max

VO2 max is a measure of the maximum amount of oxygen that you use during intense physical activity.

At low intensity exercise , 80% of energy used is from fat and 20% from carbs.

As exercise intensity increases less fat and more carb is used for energy .

Moderate intensity exercise burns more absolute fat grams per hour .

At a Vo2 max of 65%, 60% of energy used is from fat and 40% from carbs.

Exercising at 65% of maximal oxygen consumption (Vo2 max) , is optimum for maximizing fat burning

What exercise burns the most fat ?

Running is best exercise for most calories burned per hour.

Stationary biking, jogging and swimming are also excellent options especially for those with knee pain /osteoarthritis. Swimming also has the added benefit of exercising most large muscle groups including upper and lower extremities.

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