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Medical Weight Loss in Gilbert, AZ

Medical Weight Loss Is a Physician Led Program to Ensure Safe and Effective Weight Loss Guided by a Licensed Physician and Medical Staff. The Program Is Designed to Diagnose and Treat Underlying Medical Causes of Obesity. To Book a Consultation, Please Call (480) 582-9183.


At Excel, we work with you one-on-one. For us, it’s all about finding a weight loss plan that works for you.

Medical Weight Loss in Gilbert, AZ

Program Highlights

Benefits to You

Professional Weight Management Office


You develop a personal relationship with all of us at Excel. We follow your nutritional, medical and lifestyle needs and we can individualize a program specifically for you.




The program is delivered by a physician who will medically monitor your physiological, metabolic, and nutritional needs.


Multidisciplinary Program


Diet, exercise, a positive mental attitude, and relapse management and coping skills are key ingredients to successful weight loss. This program provides all of these elements.


Education Materials


Lifestyle change is a cornerstone of long-term weight management success. In this program, you will learn to make wiser food choices, increase your exercise activity and manage stress, thereby helping to create long-term success. Materials have been designed with busy adults in mind—they are brief, concise and to the point.


Nutritious Meal Plans


Our meal plan format is easy to follow and helps you adhere to the programs prescribed calorie levels. They also teach you portion control and meal planning principles for long-term success.


Nutritional Food Products


Our great tasting products help ensure proper nutrient intake, reduce your hunger, and allow you to easily comply with the program for quicker weight loss.The products have been scientifically and nutritionally designed with the proper macro and micro nutrients to provide you balanced nutrition on a daily basis for safe and effective weight loss.


Reduces Complications Resulting from Being Overweight


Medical conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular damage, and hypertension can be very harmful to your health. With just a 5-10% reduction in your weight, you could experience health improvements including a reduction in blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol.


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