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Laser treatment for urine leakage/incontinence


IncontiLase therapy  helps patients with mild and moderate stress incontinence and mixed-urinary incontinence .


  1. laser stimulates the collagen production and causes remodeling of vaginal and pelvic tissues resulting in shrinkage and tightening and greater support to the bladder urethra with return of normal continence.

  2. It is a nonsurgical comfortable procedure done in the office taking 20-25 minutes and no anesthesia is needed

  3. Most patients achieve good results in two to three sessions done one month apart relieving mild to moderate stress urinary incontinence

  4. patients can return to normal activities and most of the times there is no need for analgesics or antibiotics after the procedure


Similar to IncontiLase is IntimaLase—a procedure done for treating vaginal relaxation syndrome  resulting in significant improvement of vaginal tightness and sexual satisfaction

ProlapLase- Fotona SMOOTH® for the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse: grade of prolapse improved by 1 grade

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