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Fotona tight sculpting is a unique innovative noninvasive laser treatment for sculpting of body fat and skin tightening on all body areas


1st step: Fat reduction & Deep skin tightening 

2nd step: Improvement of skin surface laxity


If you have tried diet and exercise and done your best and still cannot get rid of the stubborn body fat on your tummy or love handles, arms Excel primary care has a safe and effective solution for you--Tight sculpting

There are many ways to achieve fat reduction such as laser lipolysis , tummy tuck surgery and Cool sculpting .

With current advancements in laser technology patients have other options available .

If you are looking for a non surgical  and non invasive Fat Removal procedure , look no  further than Excel Primary Care ‘s Fotona Tight Sculpting system

Our unique state of the art Laser Fat Removal Tight Sculpting system can help you get rid of the stubborn fat and help you realize your dreams. Whether it is  fitting into your swimsuit for the beach vacation or getting into the beautiful black dress without showing the bulges then tight sculpting procedure can  boost your confidence and appearance and show off the best in you .

With coolsculpting fat reduction is achieved  by freezing the fat cells without any  skin tightening  You are left with loose sagging skin after the fat removal .

Laser Lipolysis—is a lengthy procedure and is invasive , needs anesthetic injections, with post operative pain discomfort , bruising etc

Tummy tuck/surgical procedures are invasive , needing to take time off from work

With our state of the art Fotona Tight Sculpting system  we use cutting-edge laser technology to  help eliminate both stubborn fat cells as well as tighten the skin at the same time .

Patients can return to all of their normal activities immediately following a body sculpting session at Excel Med Spa.

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