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April Special

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"I had the Lip Lase done about 2 weeks ago and I can say I am super impressed!! I had lip fills done about 1 1/2 years ago and I didn't notice but of a difference after the swelling went down. The left side of my lip is a lot smaller then the right side. Dr. Meena was able to do a lip lift and the Lip Lase together. The Lip Lift was able to pull my arch up to match the right side, while the lip Lase gave me a beautiful plump look. Even after just 1 treatment I am completely happy and I can't wait to finish out my treatments! I would totally recommend for a lip lase or any other laser treatments! She does Skin Tightening, Face lift, and so much more! Best part was I was in and out and on with my day.. No down time!!"
- Cynthia


  Unique laser procedure to augment or plump up the lips. 



"Very effective results and professional advise that is worth the money. For those suffering hair thinning or loss I'd recommend high-level lazer treatments given at Excel PC, results are amazing only high-level lazer treatment in the valley, also the most effective & most affordable non-invasive hair loss treatment on the market."


Hair restoration

How does, laser improve hair growth?

•Increase blood flow and lymphatic circulation.

•Stimulate cells to produce growth factors Cytokines EGF , TGFB3 .

•Stimulates hair follicle

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