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Facial Rejuvenation in Gilbert, AZ

Dr. Meena Venugopal Provides a Range of Aesthetic & Med Spa Treatments Enjoy Facial Rejuvenation with Fotona 4D Laser Treatment, Skin Tightening, Body Sculpting & More. To Schedule an Appointment, Please Call 507-0604. We Are Located at 3303 South Lindsay Road, Suite 115, Gilbert AZ, 85297.

Fotona 4D Laser Facelift in Gilbert, AZ

At Excel Primary Care, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the best aesthetic laser treatments available, with multiple treatment options to ensure we can help every one of our patients achieve their individual goals. Our experienced and dedicated medical staff understand that each patient we treat has different needs, so we strive to ensure we have the technology necessary to address their unique aesthetic concerns.

Our Fotona 4D Facial rejuvenation is a great treatment option for patients seeking a more youthful facial appearance without the need for invasive surgery or extended time for recovery. Excel Primary Care understands how busy your schedule can be, and that no one has the time to spend weeks recovering from plastic surgery. That is why we are so proud to offer the Fotona 4D Facelift as a treatment option for our patients. Our Fotona 4D Facial rejuvenation allows you to return to work and all other normal activities after your procedure with minimal side effects.

The Fotona 4D Facial rejuvenation is a non-surgical laser treatment that strengthens collagen and improves skin elasticity. At Excel Primary Care, this dual wavelength laser system allows us to precisely target wrinkles, uneven skin tone, fine lines, and skin texture. Patients can see results from their Fotona 4D Facial rejuvenation immediately and also enjoy results that gradually improve over a period of 2-3 months following their treatment session. Dr. Meena Venugopal at Excel Primary Care is proud to offer this incredible med spa service to men and women of all ages who are seeking to improve and rejuvenate their appearance with a comfortable and non-invasive treatment.

A Fotona 4D Facial rejuvenation can provide rejuvenation for your entire face in a simple and effective treatment that typically requires only 45-60 minutes to complete. The induction of collagen production will immediately provide lift and improved volume, though many patients may require multiple treatment sessions to achieve maximum results. At Excel Primary Care, we provide personalized consultations and customized treatment plans designed to target your specific needs and help you love the way you look every single day.

The Fotona 4D Facial rejuvenation utilizes lasers to improve cell turnover and the production of collagen. During your treatment session, you may feel a gradual warmth and a mild pinching sensation. Following your procedure, you will experience minor peeling for a few days. For 24 hours following your treatment, you should not apply any makeup. Any redness or peeling should subside in only a few short days following your laser procedure, making it a much more convenient procedure than surgical facelifts. For patients with a packed schedule, our Fotona 4D Facial rejuvenation offers incredible results without scarring, bleeding, or extended recovery times.

If you are interested in improving your appearance with a Fotona 4D Facial rejuvenation, treatment contact Excel Primary Care today to schedule a consultation. We are dedicated to providing our patients with exceptional aesthetic services that help them achieve a more youthful appearance and regain their confidence. If you have found yourself dissatisfied with the reflection you see in the mirror, let us help you love the way you look again.

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